Under the Boardwalk

Cabin in the woods

The miasma started to creep in. Roland looked around and noticed that Octavius was missing.

the junkyard all over again

They needed to get out of this place or find the Thyme. The miasma started to creep in and the companions decided now was a good time to eat their candies. The forest moved all around them and there was no clear path to be seen behind them the giggling of children started to follow them calling out:


Roland tried to find some kind of path and was able to make out a faint path which led to nowhere. Chances of leaving this place were getting slimmer by the moment. Roland had almost lost all hope but then the pensive pup stared off into the trees. It was able to find two things a Hollow and a path. Eddie told the group that hollows usually have doors in and out of the hedge. The group began to move quickly but the laughter was getting louder and the sounds of footsteps were starting to draw closer to them. Vines started to block the way making it harder to run. One of the vines grabbed Roland by the ankle and dragged him down


Roland began to frantically chop away and the vines. They were stronger than he thought. Finally he was able to cut himself free and got to his feet. The group started running and eventually made it to a large lawn with a path leading to a small porch. On the path were 13 stones. Roland didn’t see the stones, he was still in an adrenaline fueled panic from almost being eaten by vines. He stepped on the 3rd stone it sunk down and there was a click.

….I’m having the worst day imaginable

Roland froze. So did the rest of the party. But not Eddie. Eddie approached Roland and looked and the stone he was standing on. Then back at Roland, then at the rock again and back at Roland. He then gave Roland a strange look…

_…dont you dare _

.and pushed him off the rock. Once Roland’s foot was off the rock fire burst out of the stone. Roland and Eddie got a little burnt but nothing to bad.


Eddie shrugged his shoulders and questioned Rolands constitution. He also made mention that most traps are meant to slow you down to give the person inside time to escape. The group made note of the stones and avoided them now. When they reached the porch they saw a three stairs leading up to it. Eddie examined the set of stairs and then leaped over them. Unfortunately, the people who designed these were smarter than he was because once he set foot on the porch the floor gave away and he fell 10 feet down. Everyone else fell down the hole as well because they were still tied together at this point. Each one of them hit the bottom of the hole and the door above them closed and a latch slid across locking them in.

“Eddie, I’d like to double down on my fuck you comment from earlier”

Eddie questioned Rolands gender now and suggested they find a way out. The walls were to slick to climb out of that was for sure and the only way out seemed to be the way they came in. Roland saw that the latch on the door was made of wood and he might be able to cut through it like the vines from earlier. The friendlier of the two dogs seemed to get what Roland was thinking and offered a boost up so Roland could reach the latch. Roland accepted and got on to his back, he was strong than he looked. Roland then began to saw away at the latch while the group waited patiently. About two thirds of the way through the latch Roland felt someone step down on his hand really hard. He cried out in pain and they heard a laugh from above them.

Roland had enough. He looked down at friendly dog and asked if he could throw him up through the door! Friendly dog looked Roland and nodded. Everyone untied themselves this time and Roland gathered up the rope. He then got on Friendly dogs back. Roland was focused the door hurling towards it would require concentration so he could hit it at the right time with enough force to break the latch. Friendly Dog then launched Roland at the door with immaculate precision. Roland busted right through the door ready to slice anyone around but there was no one. Roland acted quickly and tied the rope to the porch and threw it down so his companions could climb up. Roland decided to take a look around the porch seeing they weren’t alone here. The plan was to tie the rope to Friendly Dog and pull him up and Roland was the only one strong enough to do so. The front door was open now but there was no sign of anyone. The rest of the group made it out of the hole and everyone ventured inside the cabin.

It was small, with a twin bed, bookshelf and a table with a smoking pipe on it. The pipe was still smoking. There was also a fireplace and grate on the floor like in the Hotel. Eddie seemed intent on finding the door out of there, but Roland took a look at the bookshelf. The only book of merit were a Survival guide, Grimms Fairy tales and a journal. Roland read the journal there were only three entries. They read like letters all addressed to “April” They told the story of a man and wife and the loss of a child. Roland began to think about Grace and his dream

You’ll never find them…They’re better off without you

The last entry was the scribbling of a mad man lost in his search for what he had lost.

I should show this to Octavius or George. They might find it useful…

Just then Roland heard Pensive Pup growling from somewhere in the cabin. Roland looked around and found it snarling at a tea cup. Upon further inspection of the tea cup Roland saw that it moved when the dog got closer to it. Suddenly this very small cup became a very large man, too large in fact.

“Hello, I’m Bo” he said slowly. He spoke like a simpleton. Roland realized that Bo was most likely the owner of the journal. Roland felt like he was looking in a mirror of things to come. Bo had gone through and lost quite a bit in his search to find his family.

Will this be me..?

Roland knew the answer. It most definitely would be because he wouldn’t stop until he found them. Roland suddenly felt remorse full for taking the journal. Roland then asked Bo

“Were you the one who stepped on my hand?”

Bo was upset “This is my home, Why are you here? There is way out” Bo motioned toward the fireplace. Leila mentions the footsteps and laughing in the forest and how we came here to seek refuge. Eddie then make mention of the Journal he saw Roland pocket.

“You steal my things, too?” Roland felt awful and sincerely apologized for taking the journal. Bo just so happen to be the forgiving type. Which gave Roland some closure.

“Have you heard of the Red witch, Bo?”

“Thats why I’m here” Bo then pulled out a map it was very crude but it seemed to be of the surround forests. On the map the group notices that thyme of the morning dew is pretty far from where they are, but Bo does mention that things aren’t always in the same place. Eddie took a look around and then asked Bo about any crops he may grow. Bo replies that he is having some trouble with the crops out back. Eddie then bargains with Bo to make this a safe place for us he will help with Bo’s crops. Eddie sticks his hand in the soil and one corn plant grows out of the ground. It bears a large piece of corn and Bo seems satisfied with the gift and nods at Eddie. Eddie then decides to leave as do some of the others, but Roland stays behind and asks about Bo’s daughter in the journal. Bo gives a deep sigh and explains he’s been searching for her for a long time and doesn’t know where she is. Roland reaches out and hugs Bo.

“I also know what its like to lose your family, I have a daughter as well”

Roland then turned toward the fireplace and exited the cabin. The dogs were close behind him with Leila. It looked like Eddie had left already. The group was in a cabin identical to Bo’s. Everything was old and dusty no one had been here in awhile. Roland opened the front door and found they were in Big Basin in Santa Cruz in Wellington Cabin. Leila spotted a bus stop close by and as luck would have it there was a bus about to leave heading back to the boardwalk. The group jumped on before it left and took their seats. Once Roland sat down he realized how tired he was. The driver on the bus was listening to Patsy Kline and Leila decided to sing along. The sound was so relaxing Roland didn’t notice he was falling asleep on the bus..



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