Under the Boardwalk

Echoes in the dark...

Eddie paced back and forth in front of the fountain, the proximity to the iron made him itchy. “It has to be Monty nothing else makes sense!”. The dead man threw his arms up turning sharping to face the blood splattered Gargoyle. “Bridge burners. No one else would do something this bat shit crazy. Right?”. The Darkling leapt to the edge of the fountain crushing some thorny creeper vine under his feet as he dipped into a perch. “Have you ever ran into any?” he asks his friend still staring at the gaping iron wound. Almost immediately he shakes his head and waves dismissively , “It doesn’t really matter unless its the same group right? Crazy might be the same but it usually wears a different coat.”. He twists around swiftly to face his friend running his hands through his hair and stretching the skin around his face into a gruesome  mask. “I know we’re still hunting the witch Monty! I haven’t forgotten.” The uncharacteristic yelling echoes throughout the room. Red Eddie sighs and lets his shoulders slump forward.

Suddenly Red Eddie sits straight up, “Oh shit have I showed you the thing?!”  springing from his seat he dashes helter skelter  across the room. He hops over the desk, surpringly spry for a dead man and tears through the misfiled junk they’ve hidden away in the drawers. “I think I have a plan!” Eddie calls before jumping up with crumpled handfuls of paper work. “Here! I haven’t shown the others yet but I think I know where the next victim is going to be! I think tomorrow if the numbers line up!”. A creaking above sends the spazzing corpse diving for some cover to hide behind. He peeks around intermittenly until he is sure nothing is coming down. Casting a glance toward Monty he whispers, “You heard that right? I am not crazy am I? Thank you.”.

He groans shimmying out from his hiding spot. “I know, I know I should find them now. The Miasma is parting so Orvis and I can make good time.” Eddie shoves the handfuls of paper into his pants and slinks towards the front door. "I know we need locks. Just watch the place until we get back please? ". The dead man slipped out the door leaving the empty lobby  behind him, Monty’s bloody clothes draped over a chair where Eddie had peeled them off.

The next few hours were packed. Consulting with Queen Greer, double checking points on the Hedge with points on the map the Motley had put together, shifting through the people, the market and the safer neighborhoods in the Miasma city. His pride rankled at the whispers he endured from his fellow Lost, the wounds on his ego deeper for the knowledge he had accrued from his errands. He could not slink from secret meeting to secret meeting however and so the snickering was just responded with bloody scowls for all they were worth. 

When he was done picking up and putting pieces together he returned to A Hallowed Hotel he was overcome with a sense of safety rarely found in the Thorns, he knew immediately not to trust it. “Monty! You were right the girl at the refreshments stand was Lost!” he called as he passed the thresh hold. His words echoed throughout the lobby as he looked around. Monty’s bloody were gone and something twisted in Eddie’s gut. The expression on his face twisted uncontrollably between anger and confusion. “Monty?”…he muttered weakly. “Ah…I..forgot..” Eddie barely pushed the words past his lips as he stumbled back into the wall and slide down it to the floor. Burying his face into his palms the Darkling took a moment to reconcile what had happened with what he thought had happened. The cruel reflection of his delicate Clarity facing him for perhaps the first time since he’d come back.

On all fours he crawled to the door in the basement. Eddie knocked slowly as he trickled Glamour into the doorway and watched the space between this world and the real one outline in pale green light. He toppled through as a step become a tumble and the world gave way to some equally but differently broken. The dead man whimpered as the false images he was so sure of melted away in the dark. From one of the piles of debris he unburied a cell phone in a sandwich bag, something he tucked away for a smooth transition back into reality now that he had a little pocket money. “Morrison Investigations how may I help you?” Eddie could almost smell the afternoon scotch on the receiver from the tone he was greeted. “Yeah..I uh think I need to make an appointment..you guys do missing persons cases right?”.


Is that right Mr. Hampton?? :)

Echoes in the dark...

Excellentt….I loooove it when a plan comes together. :D +4xp

Echoes in the dark...

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