Under the Boardwalk

More bad Dreams...

Roland sat at his desk shifting through papers. His precinct smelled like stale cigarettes and broken dreams with a hint of antiseptic. Roland’s phone had a voicemail he needed to listen to indicated by the blinking red light. Roland heard shouting from all the inmates most of them being drunk. Roland looked over at one particular inmate. He was shouting like all rest but when Roland looked at him he knew something was terribly wrong…with everything. The man Roland was fixated on was the only thing in the precinct in color! Everything else from the walls to the very police officers were in Black and White. Everything seemed to blend together seamlessly until Roland saw this man. The Blues and Greens of his sweater were extremely vibrant as well and the cuts and bruises he had. Roland looked back at his desk as he was being led away, his phone rang. Roland answered and heard 3 distinct clicks a gasp of breath

“..daddy?” The voice is a scared whisper “Daddy are you there?”

Roland cleared his throat “Gracey?? Yes honey I’m here. Whats wrong? Where’s Mommy?”

Roland a sniff on the other of child crying. “Daddy, I dont know where I am.” She starts sobbing “Its too dark! Daddy I’m scared”

Just then everything in the precinct comes to a halt. Officers frozen in place, still. Roland feels cold sweat run down his neck. Sudden;y everything lurches out of place and everyone in the precinct is looking at Roland.

How did I not notice that before?…Their eyes!!!…

The eyes of everyone in the precinct were transformed into deep black pits. All except the man in color.

“Grace?..Daddy’s coming sweetheart Don’t worry. Are you hurt?”

“No..! I’m ju-ju-just scared” She was becoming more frightened by the moment

“Are you safe? Is there anywhere you can hide? I’ll find you honey. Do you remember where you were last?” Rolands eyes were still looking at the people in the precinct, and they were dead-set on him.

“I d-d-don’t knooow! I was in my bed sleeping…I woke up here and I can’t see, I can’t see, daddy!” The people in the precinct now being to stir.

“Okay..shh..honey. You’re gonna be okay. Im not gonna let anything happen to you. Take a deep breath and listen, okay. Do you hear anything?” The people began to get to their feet. Roland could feel it. They were coming for him and if they got to him he was dead. Roland tucked the phone under his ear and transformed his hand into a long blade

sniff uh…I hear the wind and the ocean..”

That narrows it down..

“..I hear whispers too…daddy, wait…I think there’s someone looking for me. They know my name, Daddy i think its okay.”

Roland immediately thinks back to the witch

GRACE, NO!” He shouts into the phone. When he does the men with no eyes jump onto their desks hunched like cats ready to strike. Roland put up his long blade in a defensive stance, eyes trained on the closest man.

“No Daddy, its okay!” Grace giggles and Roland’s eyes begin to well up with what she says next.“It’s okay, Its a lady, she smells nice. Like mints mommy used to keep in her purse, I’m going to go now, daddy, I love you!” Roland hears the phone drop but the line isn’t dead yet. Roland presses the phone up against his ear intent on trying to hear anything


Roland hears muffled footsteps and a womans voice. Roland shuts his eyes to focus his hearing. Roland hears Grace laugh then gasp not unlike the creepers Roland had encountered in the Forest. Rolands blood runs cold. He hears Grace cry out and the line goes dead.

Roland opens his eyes.

He was staring into the eyes of Darren Emmerson his old partner. His eyes were empty and black. He begins to drool and it fails from his mouth and hits the desk with a satisfying plop. It lunges at Roland with malice. Roland puts up his blade as he is wrestled to the ground. Hot, sticky red blood pour out of him as he writhes in pain on Roland’s blade. Roland could feel the thing struggle and pulsing beat of it’s entrails on his blade hand. It’s mouth fell open and soft grey worms fell out of its eyes. nose and mouth. Roland is absolutely disgusted It’s the most horrifying thing he has ever seen, let alone been apart of. A worm falls on his face and Roland lets out a involuntary scream and shuts his eyes. When he opens them again he is back on the bus, hands clean…


I just want to say I love the noir feel of your adventure logs.

More bad Dreams...

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