Under the Boardwalk

Staples and Courts

Roland didn’t know how Bellahan got the case file, but he thought it better not ask. Once the group had the file no one but Roland was able to make sense of it. Roland got the names of all the victims and the details of the murders. One piece of info stuck out to the group: A symbol above the door, it resembled a hammer and sickle.

…Communists…?….What…?..So now communists are stealing childrem..? A KGB resurfacing Putin is in power in Russia..but why?…Brainwashing …?.sleeper agents..?I can’t make heads or tails of this…

Roland had no idea what this all meant. It matched no pattern they had encountered before. Then Eddie spoke up saying he thought he had seen the symbol before. Octavius confirmed that he has seen the symbol and it is associated with the King of Summer. This presented a new problem of finding him. Eddie suggested we check the summer commons, but the problem there is the summer commons are in a lighthouse surrounded by water. To make matters worse the lighthouse apparently has no real world location and they would need to swim through god knows what to get there. Since Octavius was by far the most adept at swimming he volunteered to swim to the Summer commons and find the door to the real world for them. This way the group could get to the commons a lot easier and stay dry. Octavuis set out on his journey while Roland Eddie and Leila stayed behind on the boardwalk. Leila went off to sing for some people for awhile and Roland and Eddie watched. Eddie looked at Roland and asked him a few questions. The most prominent being which court Roland would eventually join. Roland didn’t really care he just wanted to get back to the task at hand, all the standing around was making him anxious. Eddie looked at him

“At first, I thought you may join my court, The court of Autumn. but based on your current demeanor and body language. You may be a good fit for the summer court”

After a moment of talking Roland was convinced that Eddie’s decision would suit Roland better than any other. In Roland’s mind, the court of summer was the closest thing to a police force this world had. From there it was settled, they would wait for Octavius to return with the location of the door to the summer commons.
Octavius returned sometime later. He had decided to talk to the Summer king without us and found out the King is putting the symbols as a warning to whoever is stealing the children. Roland asked to where the door was so he could see the King and join his court. Octavius led them to one of the rides on the Boardwalk. They had to get on the ride and vacate at a certain time to approach the door to the commons. Once, at the commons Roland took a good look at the Lighthouse it was quite large and had a biog wooden door with a peephole on it. Octavius knocked on the door and Octavius said something to him and the man opened the door with a sigh. He directed the group to the top of the lighthouse where the Kings room was. King Czarikov was a large man covered in scars and constantly smoking. He didn’t seem to happy to see Octavius but welcomed them in all the same. He asked the group why they had come when they had received all the knowledge they needed from Octavius. Roland spoke up

“Your Majesty, I can see you’re a man that cuts straight to point so ill make this quick, I would like to join your court”
The King looked at Roland. Roland half expected there to be some trail or test of merit to prove he was worthy to be in the court. Then the king spoke:

“BY THE POWER VESTED IN ME BY MAGICS OF TIME AND..MAGICS..and…Bippity bobbity boo it’s done. Sit down”

…That was easy…

The group sat with the King of Summer and conversed with him awhile after he had discussed all he knew about the Red witch, Including that he was the one who put her in the forest in the first place, he told us to report our findings to the Queen of spring. Before leaving, The King stopped Roland

“Can you fight?”The King asked

“Yeah, I can”

“Good, You’ll be fighting a lot”
He slapped Roland on the back and sent him on his way.

The Queen of Spring was easy to find, she was in the commons surrounded by people. Roland Octavius and Leila went to visit her to inform her of everything we had found about the disappearing children and the Red Witch. They had requested a private audience with the Queen and Dudley her faithful man-servant showed them to her trailer. Dudley opened the door for them each one greeted Dudley except for Roland who just looked at him. Roland never liked Dudley because of their first meeting.

Once inside the group proceeded to them about the kidnappings and the Red Witch. The Queen tried to put them at ease by saying she had people looking into the incidents and her court was more than aware of the situation. Leila just watched the Queen as she spoke. After she had finished Leila had asked permission to sing a song to the populous to lighten the mood. The Queen permitted it and the Three stepped outside where Leila shared a bit of information about the Queen. The fact that she had been lying to us….


Bippity Bippity boo, haha! +4xp

Staples and Courts

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