Under the Boardwalk

Walking Cliches

Roland exited the bus a short walk away from building where Danny’s office was. He headed back on foot, and he was tired. Still weary of his dreams, on his walk home he contemplated what it all meant.

My family….the precinct…and those eyes..

The grizzly image of Emmerson impaled on his hand still stuck in his mind. The streets were empty except for the occasional passerby. Roland pass a couple bars on his way. The smell of cigarettes and booze greeted him as he passed by. Roland thought about going in then realized he would get kicked out due to the way he is dressed and continued home or at least where he sleeps.

Danny had given him a key so he could get back in after he had left. He opened the door and made his way to bed, he wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor this time.

Roland had time to make the bed before Danny came in. He had been up a for while long enough to hear the tenants of the building complain about their lives through the door. Apparently McCreedy was not very well liked around the building. When Danny came in he had a manila envelope and a paper bag.

“Here you are Mr Hansen. A new ID, Birth certificate and a permit to carry concealed weapon.”

The ID read Arin Hansen age 40 with a PO BOX under the address.

Roland looked at Dan “Geez Dan, 40? I look 40 to you?”

YOU look a mile bad road in the hot sun, Which is why there are new clothes in that bag, ones that fit.”

Roland looked in the bag. It had a white t-shirt, button up blue long sleeve shirt a pair of blue jeans and clean socks. Under that was a bar of soap and razor.

Roland let out a laugh “Half expected there to be a trench coat and Fedora in here?”

“What? No. Of course not…I keep a spare here.” Danny opened up a filing cabinet and wrapped in plastic was a Black Trench coat and matching Fedora.

…Walking cliches..

Roland grabbed the soap and razor out of the bag. “I didn’t exactly see a bathroom in here Dan. Where am I supposed to use these?”

Dan replied “There’s a bathroom down the hall, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term, Whore Bath?”

should have seen that coming..

“If were gonna work together, I need you to look respectable and not smell like a zoo”

Roland walked down the hall to the bathroom and got a clean as possible. He didn’t see anyone in the hallway. He changed into his new clothes and looked in the mirror. Roland couldn’t help but smile, He felt better about himself in that moment. As he made his way back down the hall he heard Danny talking to someone in B-1. Roland recognized the voice it was the one he heard last time he was here, McCreedy’s voice. Roland stood outside the door a moment then it flung open.

A mountain of a man stood before him. He must have been about 6ft 5in and looked strong enough to rip the arms off a rhino. He wore a brown derby and had a cigar hanging out of his mouth. He stared at Roland a moment.

MOVE MUGSY!” the voice came from behind this man. Then the lumbering giant opened his mouth. He had a deep uneducated voice

“I would Uncle Gary, but some wiseguy is standing in the way, like he dont know how doors work or sumthin’”

Roland stepped aside and Mugsy pushed past him

“See ya around, Slim”

After Mugsy, a man standing just under five feet dressed in a blue-pinstriped suit walked right up to Roland.

“Why, don’t you watch where your going?? WHO THE HELL JUST STANDS IN A DOORWAY!!” He shoved past Roland as well and went to catch up with Mugsy.

Roland looked at Dan. “Who’s Master Blaster?”

“Gary McCreedy and his nephew Mugsy. The biggest pains in my ass since some hobo started living here. Honestly, who the hell names there kid Mugsy?? But by the looks of it the hobo is gone and my new tenant Mr. Hansen has moved in.”

Roland was not amused in the slightest “What was that about Dan?”

THAT was about me telling McCreedy that I have a new employee and he will be staying here in the office for the time being until he can get his own place. Since this is a apartment and people CAN sleep here. He wanted to see some paperwork, so things seem legit”

Roland made his way toward the bed and sat down. “So Dan, What are we up to today? some house wife think her husband is cheating on her?”

Dan laughed “Thats cute kid. You think you’re ready for this kind of work? Well you’re not until I say you are. Today, you begin your two week probationary period and training.” Dan pulled a flask out of his jacket pocket

Roland sat up “I’ve been training for this for years, you think i cant handle it? I’ve seen some shit pal.”

Dan fired back “Yeah training…never heard you say you actually MADE detective-”

ouch Dan..

“- you already proved to me to have a knack for investigation, but there’s more to this job than that. Besides, in order to do this by the book there has to be at least a two week training period. State required.”

Roland let out a sigh and realized he wasn’t getting out of this. Danny opened up one of the filing cabinets and pulled out a fifth of whiskey and took long swig of it.

“Breakfast of champions kid, Now come on, we’re going to the firing range”Dan let out a burp “..and you’re driving” Dan threw him the keys “Oh and this..” Dan handed him a 9mm handgun, standard issue on the force. Roland walked toward the door “Should i grab my coat and hat?”

“Cute. No. Your not ready for those yet..”

Dear god….

Roland walked down the steps with Dan. Parked outside was a 1985 Buick Regal.

This just keeps getting better and better

Over the next couple of weeks Roland would shadow Dan on his cases just watching and driving him around. Roland would offer his insight to help Dan out in his cases and managed to solve one about a missing person. But during this time Danny hadn’t mentioned the possibiliy of Roland becoming his partner. Roland began to think that maybe Dan was using him to get ahead in his cases.

After about thirteen days Roland decided to head back to the boardwalk. He didn’t want anyone from his new life as Arin to recognize him just yet so he decided to put on his old hobo clothes, and ventured out to George’s. There Roland met up with Belahan and her friendly dog companion. George had informed them that their companions were at the goblin market. So Roland and Belahan set out to me them.

Upon arriving at the goblin market they saw it was packed with lost. Most of them appeared to be refugees. It was packed in there most people had sprung up little shantytowns for shelter. Octavius was able to gather some information on the matter. Appearantly, a war was coming and coming this way fast. A lost had summoned his keeper to destroy a rival faction and now things had gotten out of hand. Eddie decided it would be better for the group to get back on track of finding the missing girls to which the group agreed. Octavius had mentioned the papers and headlines of missing children. Parents with nowhere to turn, Danny had tried soliciting his services to some of the grieving parents but none seemed interested.

Better that way, can’t have him get involved in this

Eddie thought it would be good to get our hands on a case file. Roland was trying to deter them from using Danny as an outlet for this. Its true Dan could have gotten what they need but Roland thought it would be better to keep him as far away from this as possible. Instead, the motley decided they could have their new shapeshifting friend infiltrate the local police station by assuming the form of a local news anchor, Eddie and Octavius would get the credentials for her . Meanwhile, Roland, Lelia and Bellahan would go to the local library and get as much info as they could.

Roland, Belahan and Leila went to the Library, They were able to get in easy because of Leila’s library card. Since Roland had previously worked on cases he knew what info they would need. Roland sat at a local computer and began to look for key details of the cases. Mostly addresses names of detectives working the case and any reports of murder or injury. Roland was able to find the addresses. He would use these to try to find any correlation between locations and to see proximity. He would need the names of the detectives for Belahan, she would need to know who to talk to when she got inside the precinct. He would need the names of the families to cross reference any of the names they have come across so far in their journey.

Roland was discussing the info to his companions and they were carrying on pretty loudly. So loud in fact that they didn’t notice the other people staring at them. One patron was so upset about the topic of our conversation that she alerted the librarian. Roland began to look around and noticed people getting upset.

Great we’re about to get pegged for kidnapping…

Roland stood up and began to head for the door telling his companions to follow before really awful happens. Unfortunately, the librarian stopped them on their way out. Roland could see she was very upset.

“The other people have told me you people are talking about kidnapping children?”

Then they were all arrested for kidnapping…

Roland had to think of something quick.

“No ma’am, see i work with the Morrison detective agency we are gathering information from the local kidnappings for the case we’re working on.”

She looked Roland up and down not believing what he said

Shit! I changed into my hobo clothes…

“Well detective, next time you may want to be more discreet”

They got a map at the local gas station and headed back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel Roland started to try and find any correlation between the murders locations and the victims, Sadly he couldn’t find any, and in fact the only piece to reliable information was the head detective’s name: James Polk. Red Eddie and Belahan had come back the Hotel, only Belahan now looked like older black gentleman.

Never gonna get used to that…

Roland gave her the name of the detective. Then suggested they go.
The group hopped on Orvus Eddie’s mode of transportation. It resembled a horse to those who were lost, but to any human it appeared to be a ford mustang. They drove over to the house and Belahan went inside. She was inside for maybe 10mins before coming back out. She had told us that the detective we were looking for wasn’t there and in order to get the file we needed she would have to take one of the officers to lunch.

“This was almost the opposite of what we needed you to do!” Roland said.

In the end, the group had pull the resources they had to feed two people lunch. Unfortunately Roland hadn’t made much money from his probationary period with Dan, so he unable to contribute much. They scrounged up $40.50 and gave it to Belahan. Octavius suggested teaching Belahan the fine art of “Dine and Ditch” and Eddie suggested not to because we were ruining this mans life enough as it was.

Belahan waited outside the precinct for the other officer. Once he came out Roland, Eddie, Leila and Octavius tailed them in Orvus. They arrived at some resturant in downtown, Eddie pulled over and the group waited. Roland watched Belahan with the officer and hoped everything would go well

..Hope she doesn’t blow it…

After some time, Roland saw the cop storm out of the restaurant and thought the worst. However moments later Belahan emerged from the resturant as well, with a case file in hand.


“Hope she doesn’t blow it”- I died. DIED. +3 xp! (I gave you 3 instead of 2 because while it was late, and I just now saw it, that last bit there made me laugh until I died.)


Walking Cliches

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