Under the Boardwalk

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it"

Roland woke up curled up on floor in B-1, Danny’s Office. It was cold but better than sleeping under the boardwalk. The clock in B-1 read 3:45am. Roland had a hard time sleeping, the hard wood made his back sore. B-1 was equipped with a heater built into the wall. It looked a little old and didn’t look like it had been used in awhile. Roland twisted the knob on top. Nothing.


Roland took a look around the office. It was filled with old filing cabinets and strange smell that Roland couldn’t quite place. The windows looked out into the open street. It was very still. The wind wasn’t even blowing. Across the street Roland saw two figures. One a little taller than the other. Roland looked closer, It was two women both were wearing plain clothes. Their faces unrecognizable in the night. Roland spent time wondering what they could be up to at this time of night. Roland let out a yawn, and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. The room was so cold Roland could see his breath now. When he looked back across the street the figures were gone. From the window Roland looked up and down the street and saw nothing. No trace of them. Roland began to shiver, the room was colder than ever now. He turned back towards the heater and saw something that made his blood run cold. The figures were in the office now staring right at him. Roland took a step back. The cold had made it hard to move the figures moved towards him but their legs didn’t move at all. Roland had his back up against the windows now with the figures creeping in. When the figures got close enough Roland could make out their facial features. His eyes welled up with tears, he hadn’t seen them in ten years but once he saw them he knew.

“…Sam ..? Gracey.?”

Roland’s voice cracked at the mention of their names. Tears ran down his face. Roland reached out for his daughter. Grace took a step back.

…Grace? It’s Daddy ..

The figures said nothing and only stared. Roland looked at Samantha.

“Sam, whats going on”



Roland put his hand on Samanthas’s shoulder and as soon as he made contact, she dissipated into smoke. Roland cried out in agony he looked at his daughter only to watch her do the same. Roland sank down to knees, He was alone again or so he thought.

You’ll never find them. No matter how hard to try…they’ll always be just out of reach.

Roland saw a man dressed in blue with a badge. Standing in the doorway. The door was open and hallway was shining from behind the man in blue

You’re pathetic Roland. You always were. That’s why they took you..That’s why you’ll never find them

Roland hated the sound of the man’s voice. Each word he spoke filled Roland with rage.

Don’t like hearing the truth, huh? Well, here’s another for you..They’re better off without you.

Roland jumped to his feet. His fist clenched. The man in blue stepped into B-1 and closed the door.

Always be aware of your surroundings…

Roland moved menacingly toward the man. The man took out a cigarette and a gold plated lighter. Roland stopped and realized he was a dead man. He couldn’t place it the smell earlier but now it painfully obvious. Roland looked toward the heater. The knob was still on. Gas had been pouring into the room this whole time. The man in blue lit his lighter and the flame grew engulfing the whole room. Roland screamed as the flames crawled up his skin. He could feel his skin start to blister and pop. His lungs were burning filled with smoke or fire Roland couldn’t tell. He heard the flames roar up the walls and he heard the man in blue. The man in blue was still standing looking at Roland. The muscles in Roland’s were burned so badly he couldn’t move. His skin had melted off and his muscles were burning away. The man in blue stepped over him and grabbed his shoulders.


Roland opened his eyes and saw Danny standing above him. It was morning now. The room was completely intact and Roland was still on the floor. Danny looked at him bewildered.

“You gonna keep me in suspense? or do you wanna tell what the hell that was all about?”

Roland got to his feet and stood up.

“Bad dreams”

Danny gave him a look “Well, that’s what you get for sleeping on the floor” Danny opened up a door next to one of his filing cabinets. A twin bed popped down and on the mattress were a pillow and blanket. “For next time, I guess.”

…god damn it

Roland was still shaken by his dream, still vivid in his mind. He needed to leave and clear his mind and his companions hadn’t seen him in awhile. Danny plopped down at his desk. Roland hadn’t noticed but Danny had brought in 2 coffee’s and paper brown bag. Danny gestured to the items.

“Brought you some breakfast. Figured you could use it, since you’re all skin and bones”

Roland thanked him and took the coffee and inside the bag were two cinnamon rolls. Roland took one and began to eat it while Danny sifted through the papers on his desk. Once Roland finished with his breakfast there was a knock at the door. Roland stood up to answer the door but Danny stopped him.

“Wait a minute, Arin! That’s most likely McCreedy my landlord. Probably here because of all that screaming you did last night. I’m not supposed to have people staying here overnight. I need you to vanish for the time being.”

Roland looked around the office, there was literally nowhere to go. The knock was a louder this time with a voice to accompany it

MORRISON, OPEN UP!!!” it was a booming voice
Danny tried to stall him
“Who is it?”

Danny looked at him anxiously “You gotta scram, kid”

“Where am I supposed to go Dan, out the window?” Dan shrugged


Roland opened up the window and found a storm drain he could climb down. He was on the third floor of a four story building. He grabbed on to it and started to make his way down.

“Look Arin, im sorry about this but I can’t have you here before your paperwork is finalized. Come back tonight, I should have it taken care of” with that Danny closed the window and Roland made it down the storm drain just fine and miraculously no one saw him.
Back on the street Roland decided to head back to the boardwalk to meet up with his companions. Roland found his companions in the place that Octavius called home. Up to this point Roland and his companions had been searching for a Red Witch who may tie in very closely with some child disappearances in the area. Once all had gathered: Octavius, Red Eddie and Leila, They came to the decision to head to Georges shop for some information that could shed light on this witch mystery while obtaining some of the candies that would protect us from the creeping miasma

They had made it to George’s shop and entered the smell of breakfast food filled the air. George welcomed us in and made us aware of the presence of someone like us, another Lost. A Black and White dog made his way out of the back room and greeted the group. Roland made note of this dog being one of the most well-mannered and loving dogs he had ever met. George then gestured to the back room and another Dog started to make its way out of back room but stopped. Roland could see the how pensive the creature was. How suspicious it was of its surroundings. Roland remembered a time not so long ago where he felt the same. Octavius asked George about his book, while Eddie began to steal anything he could get his decomposing hands on.

Goddamnit Eddie……

George was to distracted by the book to notice Roland gesturing to Eddie to put things back. After George looked at the book they began to make their way outside. The friendly dog jumped up and followed us to the door while the pensive dog kept its distance. Roland decided to share a bit with the more weary dog. Roland spoke to it.

“I was new too, Not to long ago in fact and trust me, you don’t want to go through this world alone.” The pensive dog seemed to hear the words but still kept its distance.

Their journey would take them to Big Basin, The best way to get there was taking the Dreadnaught. Before we left there were some items on Georges porch that the gang helped themselves to. Roland took a small pocket knife and some rope as it could prove being useful. Eddie took an ax that he could barely wield. They arrive at the dock and called for the Dreadnaught. Once it had arrived, they all got inside except for the pensive canine. Roland decided to talk to it.

“Hey, I know its scary and weird but you can trust us. Unless you would rather stay here..alone.” The dog seemed to understand and stepped aboard
The Dreadnaught sprang to life as Octavius pressed the buttons. As the Dreadnaught started to move Roland felt sick

…Ugh…never gonna get used to this

Finally the Dreadnaught came to it’s destination. Roland couldn’t be happier to be off the thing. Everyone stepped off the Dreadnaught except for the Pensive pooch. Roland stopped and gestured to the pup to follow. After some kind words the dog followed still keeping its distance. The trees were huge with red vines coiling up the sides. Eddie made a point to call them “creepers”. The group decided to use the rope to fasten themselves to each other with our dog companions biting each end to stay close. They ventured into the forest as they moved Roland looked up and could not see the sky. The trees were tall and thick at the top not letting in any light. Once they entered the forest they realized the way they came had been covered by the trees and the vines.

…well fuck….

The group decided to follow the one path they could see. There was also the sound of children laughing in the distance and footprints on the ground. Upon further inspection of the footprints we found that they were filled with blood and too small to be that of a full grown adult but instead a child. Octavius being the curious creature he is, decided now was a good time for a science experiment of sorts.

He had 3 vials of liquid, one containing his own blood. He handed the vials to Leila and she hurled them at the creepers. Each time the vials shattered and the liquid was absorbed. The vines were carnivorous and they had now tasted blood. Roland decided to cut part of the vine that had absorbed the liquids and one that had not. Roland felt remorse as he did this because the vines seemed to squeal in pain.

Why did i volunteer for this? I’ll be lucky to make it out of here alive. Hopefully they think I’m all bone marrow ….

Roland gave the pieces to Octavius who of course tasted them almost immediately. He said they tasted like candy of some kind. They continued down the path and came to a wooden bridge. It looked sturdy enough. However below the bridge were the skeletons of past adventurers.

I got a bad feeling about this….

Rolands bad feeling was right because the bridge started to crack and break apart then eventually fall but not behind them but in front of them. Eddie suggested that they climb down but just then both dogs lept across the gap to safety. The rest of them followed and we able to make it across. When they looked back the bridge was completely intact. Roland was not happy to say the least.


The group decided to travel on in search of this Witch

We’re all gonna die in here…..

The group wandered around until octavius had the idea to bring the witch to us instead of trying to find her. Octavius thought we could make an offering to the witch in hopes of her appearring. Octavius revealed to us that he had an extra candy and the idea was to carve the witch’s symbol into the candy as an offering. Unforunately, none of us was capable of carving on such a small surface. None except our new companion the pensive pup. Octavius asked if they were able to carve the symbol into the candy. They nodded. This was something Roland had to see, but it was more than he had barganed for. The pensive pup then transformed into Roland! Everyone let out a gasp. But Roland had a bit of a breakdown.


The pensive pup was able to make the carving, it was almost perfect. Octavius pricked his finger and filled the carving with blood and held it up. Moments later we had our Witch. Roland wacthed in awe as the witch seemed to float above them almost swimming in the air. Octavius made a inquiry to the book he was carrying. The witch seemed upset at the mention of this book.


…and this is when they all died…

Roland was on edge and prepared himself for a fight but waited for the Witch to make the first move. Octavius shifted the conversation to the missing girl they were after. The witch told them that she was not safe but at the same time not hurt.

“She is in the thyme of the morning dew,Bury the candy in the ground. Go to the Thyme in the morning dew. She will be there at noon, crying pitiful things. She will be her, but not her.”

The witch then vanished. The group was alone and Miasma started to creep in.



Very neattttt! +5 (count ’em, FIVE) xp!


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