Czarikov, the King of Summer

A water dweller ogre, bloated and cracked, and leaking seawater.


Czarikov, the King of Summer, is smaller than you would expect. Though what he lacks in size makes makes up for in girth. He is strong, and with legs like tree trunks, his arms match. He has a pipe hanging from his mouth, and it is thoroughly soaked. His suit is ill fitted though well made, and the ink has leeches into his skin, around the areas you can see anyhow, his neck and wrists are a dark plum. The suit itself probably was a plum color initially but now it is losing its color and magnificence. He has a hammer in his draw-string belt. and wears many rings. He is covered in scars, that are raised like welts, and if you ask he will tell you the story behind each one.


Czarikov, the King of Summer

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