Leila Harper


Mask: She stands about 5’8," and weights around 175 lbs of seductive curves in all the right places. Her hair is long, wavy, and jet black with hints of midnight blue, much like that of a raven. Her eyes are an intense green, reminding you of being deep in the forest in the dark of the night. Her complexion is porcelain fair with just a hint of rose underneath. She is heart stopping, breathtakingly beautiful.

Mien without Will ’o Wisp: She reminds you of night sky so gloriously dark that the stars are almost out. She is terrifyingly beautiful.

Will ’o Wisp: Her wisp looks like the harvest moon.

Mien with Will ’o Wisp: When she calls upon her wisp, she goes from the night sky to the Lady of the Night. Her raven black hair seems to gentle flutter in a breeze. Her eyes become twinkling stars, pulsing in a hypnotizing emerald green light. Her lips sparkle ruby red, begging for a kiss. She seems to be glowing, as if the moon was illuminating her from within.

Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Concept: Bar Singer/Musician
Seeming : Darkling
Kith: Nightsinger/Bright One
Court: Autumn

Mental: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 3
Physical: Strength (2), Dexterity (2), Stamina 2
Social: Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure (3)

Mental: Academics (2), Computer (1), Crafts (0), Investigation (1), Medicine (0), Occult (2+1), Politics (2), Science (0)
Physical: Athletics [long running, improvised weapons] (2), Brawl (0), Drive (0), Firearms (0), Larceny (0), Stealth (1), Survival (1), Weaponry (0)
Social: Animal Ken (0), Empathy (1), Expression [singing, violin] (2), Intimidation (0), Persuasion [seduction] (2), Socialize [mingling] (2), Streetwise (1), Subterfuge (1)

Striking Looks (4), Dual Kith (3), Autumn Mantle (1), New Identity (4); Resources (1), Motley Hallow – Size (2), Amenities (3), Barfly (1), Fast Reflexes (+2)

Mirror (2), Fleeting Autumn (1), Vainglory (2)

Power Traits
Health (7), Willpower (6), Wyrd (2), Glamour (6), Clarity (7)

Motley Pledge: Occult (1), Fast Reflexes (2); Vow (1/4)
Commendation Pledge: ; Corporal (Nemisis Emblem)

Blessing (s)
Darkling: each point of Glamour spent can increase Wits, Subterfuge, and/or Stealth; 9 again on Stealth
Bright One: Goblin Illumination – at will, create an area of soft, pale light (15′ × 15′ × 10′), from my left hand, light does not move
Experience: 8 left / 37 spent / 45 earned

Experience Log: +1 (picture), +3 (background), -2 (Autumn Mantle 1), +3 (game), +3 (game), +3 (game), -8 (New Identity 4), +3 (game), +1 (VB), +2 (contribution), -2 (Resource 1), -4 (Shared Motley), +3 (game), +2 (contribution), +3 (game), +3 (game), +1 (VB), -3 (Computer 1), +3 (game), +3 (game), +3 (game), +2 (contribution), -2 (Barfly 1), -16 (Wyrd 2), +3 (game)


Act One: When We Were Young

Leila was born Morgana Fairchild to proud parents Morgan and Alecia Fairchild, minutes before her sister Cordelia. They grew up happy in a small trailer in Granbury, Texas. They did not have alot but there was always food on the table and the things they needed.
Throughout their childhood years, Morgana and Cordelia were inseparable, two peas in a pod. The only difference was that Cordelia could sing like an angel while Morgana sounded like a dying cat.
When the both of them were 8, during Christmas, they visited one of their wealthier relatives with a 18 year old daughter whom happened to be practicing her violin when they arrived. Morgana watched her play, entranced by the music. She left with one of the cousin’s older violins. She had found her calling.

Act Two: Poor Unfortunate Souls

Flash forward ten years, during which both sisters became a star in their given choice of music, winning competition after competition. During the senior year of high school, both girls where enrolled in a competition that would ensure their entrance into college. Morgana had already attended hers and rocked it, placing first in every category. In one week, Cordelia would leave her mark and both of their futures would be secure.

The morning after, Cordelia came down sick. The next day she was in the hospital. She would remain there for the next two days, at the beginning of which she was told she would be unable to perform. On the second day, while Morgana stood outside with her father as he smoked his cigar, she whispered in to the night that she wished she would do anything to sing like her sister. Moments after she uttered the words, the world seemed to stop, if only for a moment, and when it began to move again, she new something had changed.

The next morning, when she awoke, she felt this odd compulsion to sing. So she did. And to her surprise, she sounded like her sister. So Morgana went to the competition in Cordelia’s place, winning it for her.

On her way to the car that night, she saw a giant shadow that looked like a hand, making its way to her. As it passed over her, it gently grabbed hold, pulling her along, and the last thing she saw was her still her, walking across the parking lot, swinging car keys in her hand, gently jangling in tune with whatever song she was humming.

Act 3, sub-plot 1: Into the Woods

When she awoke, deep in Arcadia, she was in a circle of gently glowing lights, each one held by an ethereal lady. They welcomed her in song and showed her to her place in her Keeper’s vast forest. Somehow, she knew what she had to do. For the next 15 years, she performed her duties and she performed them well. Everytime one tried to escape their Keeper on her watch, she would call upon her wisp and sing her song, luring them back in. In those fifteen years, while some of her sisters did well and others got lost in the stars in which they hid, she never failed. They always returned. Until one fateful day.

Act 3, sub-plot 2: Crazy Bitch

Meanwhile, in the real world, while Cordelia’s voice never recovered from her sickness, the other Morgana went on to be a national pop-star known for her exotic costumes and incredible vocals.

When Cordelia tried to talk to her parents about her sister’s suddenly appearing voice, her parents waved her off. Morgana had been attending voice lessons for years and they seem to have finally took. When she tried to point out that her sister no longer could play the violin, she was waved off as being jealous of her sister’s success because had Cordelia not gotten sick, that would have been her. Eventually, she just withdrew from her family and put herself through college by working two jobs.

The other Morgana, on the otherhand, got caught up in her success. Soon she was partying hard, drinking and doing drugs, and staying out all night. One night, during a party, she met a man, ran away, and just disappeared. To this day, noone knows what came of her.

Act 4: The Long Road Home

On one fateful night, Morgana encountered a fellow that would not look upon her nor would hear her song. She followed him, trying over and over, until she found herself with a forest she did not recognize. Uncertain as what to do, she continued following the man, though no longer singing.

After a couple minutes, he introduced himself as Daryl, and told her about himself. When she tried to respond in kind, she found that she could not really remember. All of her memories where cloudy, out of order, and hard to understand. He reached over, gently squeezed her hand, and said then we will call you Leila. It mean dark beauty.
After several hours of walking, the two stumbled upon another Changeling that lead them through a gate in Richmond, Virgina. On the other side, Leila found that everything was gone. All she could remember was Daryl and the name he had given her, Leila. Everything else was just gone. For the next month, the two remained with the Lost their and found their footing and both swore to the Leaden Court. During which Daryl, whom had been gone just over a year, began looking for his brother and found him in Monterey, California. He asked Leila to accompany him and she agreed. When they stopped in Santa Cruz, Leila fell in love with the area, and the two parted ways.

Leila Harper

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