Roland "Jack" DeMarco

Mid-30s, but you couldn't tell because the man is a walking skeleton


Kith: Razorhand
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath
Court: Summer


Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3

Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 3

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 2



Academics:2 (Research)
Investigation:3(Crime Scene)


Athletics:3 (Climbing)
Firearms:3 (Pistols)
Stealth:2 (Shadowing)
Weaponry:3 (Knives)


Intimidation:2 (Interrogation)


New Identity:2
Fleet of foot:1
Retainer (Danny):3
Mantle (Summer):1



Initiative Mod:4 + 2
Experience Points: 10 (unspent)

_Inventory _

9mm Pistol (Clip holds 15)
Exquisite Lockpicks of Larceny
Mr. Goodys Trap
(2) Goblin fruit
Lost Watch (Quest Item)


Part One- Before Acadia

Roland woke up to the sound of a crying baby, and sat up in bed. His wife Samantha slept soundly next to him. She was a heavy sleeper, which is why the baby monitor stayed on his nightstand. Grace would cry all night if the monitor was on her side. Roland looked at the clock:

“…3am…daddy’s on his way, Grace”

They lived in a modest one story 2 bedroom house in downtown Santa Cruz. Roland had just been offered a job at the local police department as a beat cop, and this was only place they could find on such notice. He never liked that house. Samantha despite moving while pregnant was very optimistic. “We’ll make this hole, a home”.

They deserve better..

Roland walked down the hall to the door on the left, foam pink letters were placed on the door spelling out GRACE. Roland turned on the Olaf lamp on the dresser and walked to the crib. Grace’s cries stopped once she saw her Dad’s face. She was a daddy’s girl and Roland was as protective as they come. He wanted the best life for his daughter as any father would.

“All for you Gracey-baby”

He worked late hours, coming home long after Sam and Grace had gone to sleep. If the Chief noticed him putting in the time, Roland was sure he would be up for a promotion to detective. A few months after that, he could move them to a nicer house in a better neighborhood. He could afford a sitter and Sam could go back to school. Just a little while longer…

Part Two- The Call

Car 4218….4218, Please respond

“This is DeMarco, go ahead dispatch.”

“Possible 10-17 in your area, anonymous tip said she heard a scream”

“On my way”

Roland turned to his partner Darren Emmerson “Domestic disturbance on Kennedy street.” Emmerson turned back to him “Some drunk probably hit his girlfriend, I hate this beat” Roland wasn’t so sure. They approached the address it was an abandoned house with boarded up windows. Emmerson went to the neighboring house to see if they had heard anything while Roland checked out the house. The door was unlocked. Roland drew his gun and announced himself as he entered

“Santa Cruz Police Department, responding to a domestic disturbance..”

No answer.

The house smelled like rotting meat and there was dried blood on the furnishings and the floor. Roland continued into the house being cautious with every step. Roland walked into what appeared to be the kitchen area. Here he found several bloody metal instruments, but was unable to tell what they were used for. But the blood was fresh.

“What happened here…”

Roland made his way back to the door to see if Emmerson had found anything out from the neighbors. As he walked towards the door he saw the shadowy outline of Emmerson in the doorway.

“House is empty, possible murder. Found bloody knives and utensils in the kitchen..still fresh” Emmerson looked like he had seen a ghost all the color had left his face “I’m getting to old for this shit” his eyes were fixed on the ceiling.

Roland turned around and looked up. There were about nine of them hanging there. Some by there necks some had been gutted and were hanging on hooks, but there was no mistake. Roland saw 9 little girls hanging from the ceiling.

Roland was immediately filled with dread and horror. He could only think of his own daughter. He wanted to rush home and hold her right now just be sure she was safe. He wanted to run out into the night and find the sick bastard who did this, but he still had a job to do. Roland had to report this to the station and create a perimeter around the house. He had to have faith in the system. The detectives would be there shortly.

Roland "Jack" DeMarco

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