Under the Boardwalk

A Questionnaire

Help me know your character

1. Are you a Santa Cruz local?

2. How long since your return?

3. Do you have a fetch?

4. Do you remember how/where you were taken?

5. Do you remember your time in Arcadia? Your durance? What happened to you there?

6. Do you have any character aspirations?

7. Do you have anything you are hoping for in game? Any particular genres, places, or general?

General Info:
-For providing a “VB” you will receive an additional experience point. Hopefully, this will be rotated among the group.
-For providing/contributing to any game meal: you will receive experience, but it will vary how much you receive. This too should be rotated, and evened out among the group so everyone has the opportunity to earn extra XP. We’re pretty big on game snacks. :)
-For writing a well-thought out backround, you will receive 3xp. You have three game sessions to do so, but if you adjust things slightly and reasonably in the future, that’s okay. (For instance, you might not remember everything that happened, or you may be purposefully leaving things open just in case.)
-For choosing a PC picture for Obsidian Portal, you will receive 1xp.
-Post game, you may write the Adventure log, for 2xp. This is highly encouraged, and is not limited to one-per-game. Different people have different view points, and may take the form of a journal, a story, etc. All are encouraged to write about the previous game, what they learned, what they liked, what they hoped to see more of, etc. This will definitely help me as a new storyteller, but I think help as a player too. I always enjoyed opportunities as a player that encouraged character growth, and thought this would be a good venue to do so, if you like.



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