Red Eddie

A man in his early twenties displaying Livor Mortis and some smaller signs decomposition almost zombie like. Somewhere, randomly on his body is a bleeding wound.


Autumn Court Gravewright Virtue: Prudence Vice: Pride Concept: Homeless man who died.

Intelligence: 2 Strength:3 Presence:2
Wits:2 Dexterity:4 Manipulation:2
Resolve: 3 Stamina:2 Composure:2

Academics: 1 Computers:1 Crafts: 1 Investigation: 1 Medicine:1 Occult:2-Ghosts Politics:1

Athletics:2 Brawl: Drive:2 Firearms: Larceny:2-Sleight of Hand Stealth:2-Shadowing Survival:2 Weaponry:2

Animal Ken: Empathy: 1 Expression: Intimidation:1 Persuasion: 1 Socialize:2 Streetwise:3-Rumors Subterfuge:1

Mantle:3, Fast Reflexes:1, Contacts:2 (Homeless, Ghosts mother fucker), New Identity:4, Resources 1, Pledgesmith 1, Retainer 1 (broken Laura)

Darkness:2, Fleeting Autumn:2, Eternal Autumn:2, Spirits and Shade 1,

Pledges: “True” Reaper’s pledge (Vow), Tasks=Medial-2 (Protect the Ghosts Anchor), lesser alliance-0 (Ghost does not harm Eddie). Boon=Glamour 2 (Eddie gets a share of the ghost’s legend distilled). Sanction=Glamour-2, Lesser Curse -1 (The Ghosts loses power from its betrayal), Duration=Year and a day3

Horn and Bone-Standard as per Core Book outline Martha the old lady, “On my Job I swear”-Mortal emblem Resources

Horn and Bone-standard as per core-Poor, poor Laura, Corporal pledge seeming

Commendation-Nemesis emblem Vassalage bonus: ?

motley pledge-standard occult, fast reflexes

Rose and Thorn with broken Laura standard except true name is obscured.

Health:7 Willpower:5 Wyrd:2 Clarity:7
Size:5, Speed:11, Defense:2, Armor:Zil, Initiative:7

Equipment:large axe 3L

Experience Spent 103 / Unspent 1 (104 total)
3 background, 1 OP picture, 5/20/16 game 3, VB 1, 6/3/16 game 3 xp, VB 1, Spent 4 on Spirits and Shades 1, Spent 2 on Resources 1, Spent 2 on Politics 1,6/9/16 game 3 xp,6/17/16 game 3xp, Adventure log “Come and see, a song for the future” 2 xp, Downtime scene 2xp, 4xp pooled for group Hollow, 6/24/16 game 3 xp, 7/1/16 1 xp ST support, 3 xp game, 2xp game food contribution, 7/29/16 game 3 xp, Spent 3 on Empathy 1, 8/12/16 game 3xp , 2xp for food contribution, “A mythology of doors” log 4 xp earned, Spent 3 on Persuasion 1, Spent 3 on Crafts 1, 8/19/16 game 3 xp, 3 xp for drinks and pastry, 1 xp VB, 8/26/16 3 xp game, 9/2/16 3xp game, 1 xp VB, Spent 4 xp on Mantle 2, Spent 2 xp on Pledgesmith 1, 9/30/16 Fae Mount 5 10 xp, 9/30/16 game 3xp. food support 2 xp, Spent 4 on Contacts 2, “Above Water” adventure log 4 xp, Spent 2 xpn on Retainer (broken Laura) 1,10/21/16 game 3 xp, 1xp contribution, “Echoes in the Dark” 4 xp, Downtime bloc #2 3xp, Spent 15 on Strength 3, 11/4/16 2xp game, 2 xp contribution, 11/11/16 game 3 xp, 12/3/16 game 4 xp, 4xp contribution foods, Spent 3 Academics 1, Spent 6 on Weaponry 2, 12/23/16 game earned 3 xp, 12/30/16 game earned 3 xp, 4xp contributions, Spent 8 xp on Eterenal Autumn 2, Spent 6 xp on Mantle 3, Earned 3 xp 1/6/17 game, Spent 3 xp on Science 1


1. Are you a Santa Cruz local?
Watsonville so Santa Cruz county.

2. How long since your return?

About 6 months..he returned on Halloween.

3. Do you have a fetch?

Yes. He went through rehabilitation programs and got a job a social worker. Don’t know any more then that though.

4. Do you remember how/where you were taken?
Yes. He remembers the night of his abduction clearly. Often he has passed the Manor where he was stolen away but only in the day time and only for short periods of time.

5. Do you remember your time in Arcadia? Your durance? What happened to you there?

Snippets in nightmares. Sometimes he has a solid belief of what he endured but its fleeting and nothing he can hold on to. While the details escape him he does have a pulsing sense of dread which is how he felt in his Durance and has yet to shake.

He was held in a haunted stretch of land filled with monsters. Those captured either transformed into monsters or became prey. Once a year, Halloween the master let some out to collect things for him. A promise of freedom for the right treasures.

6. Do you have any character aspirations?

Oh so many. I want to immerse myself in the gray areas blurred between ghosts and Lost. To explore some cutting edge magic and really push the autumn core goals.

7. Do you have anything you are hoping for in game? Any particular genres, places, or general?

I am hoping for some ghost stuff. Some Freehold politics (i.e court vs court, motley vs motley and Lost vs Lost) and some chances to explore core themes like Fetch resolution.

Red Eddie

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