Under the Boardwalk

The Spring Revel

Opening Game

She sits in a huge round room, and the walls appear to be made of the Spring night. A thicket of stars, and honey smell are the first things you notice. There are dark tables and chair strewn about the room, where a kind of dining room is almost made. It is a picnic scene, think Alice in Wonderland, where cakes and pastries, and sandwiches, and tea are covering the tables.

There are so many people here. There are hundreds of people, lingering in the soft grass, upon woolen blankets. There are all relaxed, and some have even made camp. You see tents- not just ordinary ones, no but great huge colorful ones! There are palaces made of tents, some like pyramids, some like castles, though comparable to a tent inside, when you walk past, you can hear the singular moans of pleasure, leaving you to assume there are many, many more within.

The are campfires that smell of jasmine and juniper berries, leaving a woodsy flower scent as they burn. There is the smell of pies, and tasty treats, so sweet you mouth waters. You can hear children running around. There is an entire hasty made community inside this pseudo room.

If you should ask someone who they are they will tell you they are The People. They are travelers from all over the US who come here each Spring Revel. “This celebration is well known across the many cities, where we, The People, make our homes.” A man tells you, “We come here once a year to celebrate, and to keep Those who Linger at bay. We come in RV’s, in motor-homes, and ragged cars. We come here to live just for one night, as we celebrate another year of our lives to come, and to bring peace among those who are not peaceable. We make love, for days and days at a time, just to feel another’s heart beat with our own, and we celebrate. We fulfill our gluttony, with wine and beer, cakes and meat, fruit and mead, until our bellies stretch tight against our ribs, we eat and we celebrate. We live, dear friend, and we do it tonight!”
As you make your ways through the maze, it smells heavenly, of sweet sweat, of wine, and the fruit! Oh the fruit, it smells so much of fruit, the very air is sugar. Towards the center, the tents are closer together, more jam packed, right on top of each other, and you hear music. In the middle is the throne upon a dais. The throne itself is an old one. It is made of leather and has grass growing through it. It is incredible ornate. Upon it sits the queen. To her right is Dudley, her knight. She is laughing, and clapping, drinking wine from a chalice of bright gold.

There is a dance floor, where many dance. It is not a new style of dance, and seemed so organized and coordinated you wonder if they have done this every year. There is a band of misshapen men with lutes, and horns, and drums. There are fiddles, and violins. It is a loud raucous song that is playing, so fast it blurs the air. You smell sweat from the dancers, who are as joyous as can be. Every now and again, you see Dudley whisper in the Queen’s ear, where she closes her eyes letting the whisper breath into her. She has a soft smile, and will nod. Every now and again, though is is in obvious pleasure being so close to him, she will frown, changing her features rapidly into something dark. She will shake her head no. Then a changeling will approach and she will speak with them, quietly, and seemingly private for all the people around. After a while, though who knows how long, she stands, and the music drops. She turns and nods to the musicians who bow, and then turns and nods to the dancers, who bow and curtsy in turn.

She says in a high, clear voice, “To those of you who are here for the first time, We bid you welcome. To those of you who have been here before, We bid you welcome back. We thank you for coming, and we know what a long journey it has been for this night to arrive. This year has brought Us many things.” The crowd murmurs.

“Tonight we will celebrate not what has happened, but what will happen. The things that have happened before are before, and tonight we will focus on the new things the tides bring Us. For while we are together, we once again are undivided. We once again are safe as we renew the traditions of old, as they are renewed again, just know, my dear ones, We are not alone. Tonight will bring Us many things, of that I am sure, and so I ask you all to play a game. It is a game we play every year, and it brings Us unsurpassed joy. I am told it is referred to as a Scavenger Hunt now. And so, if you please, as I know it please Us, play the game for the winners shall receive a gift of my own design.” She smiles, and crowd roars, and with that, she seats herself delicately back upon the throne. The music begins again, though this time it is soft and sensual. The dancers leave the dance floor, and the crowd begins to hum with excitement.

There are then butlers who appear, some maids, who begin handing out small scrolls. The People dutifully wait their turn, and open the scrolls with care. The scroll reads:

“Only two back bones, but a million ribs. Never set in stone, my glory hangs in strips. My future has always flown, but in this earth I do grip. I am well known, but now my meaning is glib. Come find me alone, where I still dance a jib. (Giant Dipper)

I am two-faced but bear only one, I have no will but have meaning unbidden. Men spill blood over me, and those who win imprint me as I am spun. The poor cannot keep hold of me, and of the rich I am overrun. I am easily found, but am more rare homespun. Find me silver, in the pocket of the music done. (A coin)

I am a window, I am shining. I am clouded, I am blinding. I am hidden, I am pining. I see nothing, as the breath left dying. I am soft, I am trying. I have no words, come release me from this binding. (An eye from the “dead”)

Return to us soon."

Upon your return, you are gifted with The Thrice Cracked Mirror, a token of nefarious history and means. It is Dudley who halfheartedly gifts you this item on Queen Bess’ behalf, though he couldn’t be bothered to tell you more about it. After asking another “winner”



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